Mexican Drug Cartel and Marijuana

All of the violence from the Mexican drug cartels killing over 6,000 people last year; are just getting more violent. Notice that over 60% ($8.6 bil out of $13.8 bil in 2006 [3]) of the revenue made from the Mexican cartel was through marijuana sales. By legalizing marijuana that would make a 60% blow to the drug cartels [1].

This 60% blow is need considering the $5 billion the United States have spent over the past 9 years trying to control the Mexican drug cartel. In June of 2008 there was a $400 million installment signed by congress, these installments just keep getting more expensive needing billions more to try and resolve the problem [5]. Being aware that the campaigns for the money spent is questionably effective against the drug cartels.

Mexico Drug War

Mexican drug cartels really dont have much room for improvement to increase revenue on the drug market. Trying to get back that 60% share would be near impossible, considering they have most of the drug market already in America. 90% of the cocaine in America flows through the cartel (most produced in Columbia) and the majority of meth in the US is from Mexico [4].

The Mexican drug cartel makes more revenue then 40% of the Fortune 500 companies [2]. Realize that all of this is untax and unmonitored (for abuse purposes). By legalizing all drugs we could help people who have abuse problems while making tax money. Also we could regulate to make sure the drugs are clean and people dont get poisoned. But that is a whole other subject that would completely take out drug lords revenues!

marijuana traffic light

This is a green for go on legalization of marijuana!

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November 15th, 2009 Posted in Information

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